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Sneakies Tears from the Armored Christ
Doomsayer Swims the Mind Wobbles
wol§inuous VARIABLE E
The Journey Neap and Ebb
Erstwhile... Tagistopheles

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[ 2 6 - 7 6 ] came about purely by chance. While perusing the interweb a good friend and fellow techno aficionado stumbled across the website of an interesting program for Windows, BuzzTracker. Through the use of various machines such as synthesizers, filters, and trackers which play back imported .wav files BuzzTracker allows users to create music digitally. The various drum and instrument synths lent themselves most readily to techno, which was ideal, as that was the type of music I was looking to create. The program was freeware, so one download and one hour later the first [ 2 6 - 7 6 ] song was in production.

The music can best be described as simple techno, or perhaps simple electronica. I have always been a fan of very basic techno, such as the simplistic looping tracks of the Mega Man and Metroid video games, and pushed the style in that direction. With the exception of my first piece, the songs were created entirely using the built in synthesizers and filters. The resulting style is unadorned and reminiscent of earlier video game soundtracks. I've tried hard to give each song a distinctive mood and feel. While I am personally a fan of darker techno, my work tends to be more upbeat and energetic. Each piece has darker passages to it, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel in a manner of speaking.

This site provides all ten [ 2 6 - 7 6 ] tracks for download, as well as a brief information section for each song. I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as I've certainly enjoyed creating them. Feel free to email me with questions or comments.

~Ryan Tanay

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